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Austria ( Comenius) : a great and enjoyable experience


This is it folks, the last European trip before our duty of hosting : Austria. we all agree on the fact that we had . We made a lot of friends from other Comenius countries, all very funny and interesting. We were very motivated during work that we have to do. I hope I will successfully share with you the awesomeness of this week in Vienna.
Monday is the very beginning of this adventure : we arrived at 15:15 in Vienna where we were greeted by our host families who were very nice. Then, after we gave our gifts, we spent the evening with them, talking and discovering our Austrian hosts even if we chatted with them before. We all had dinner at the same traditional restaurant where we tasted Austrian dishes.
The next day we started with normal lessons (in German) with our hosts. Our group was split up in different classrooms and it helped us to meet the other Comenius guys who could be German, Austrian, Italian or Spanish. Then we had a reception with the head teacher who welcomed us and everyone had to present him/herself. Before lunch break, we visited the whole school, which was pretty nice, and watched a movie about Vienna. It showed us the famous buildings and made us learn something about Austria’s History. After lunch, we came back to school and had one of the funniest moment of this Austrian week : the dance workshop. With a lot of laughs, we learnt how to dance Polka, the Viennese valse, which are two typical Austrian dances, and the quadrille (Sounds French isn’t it ?). For the evening, we went to a big room and had fun with the other students before we went to the bowling where we played a few games.
Wednesday had the same beginning as Tuesday : lessons in the host language. Then we played the Comenius remake of "Who wants to be millionaire ?" called "Who wants to fight against discrimination". It looked like the original game but with teams composed of all the Comenius nationalities. The questions were obviously about the five discriminations we learnt before at school. Then we spent the afternoon visiting the city by tram and by foot and taking photos for souvenirs. Finally, we all met everybody at the Donatum which is the Danube tower. At the top we had something to drink and an amazing view of the whole city and we liked it a lot.
We started our Thursday with the theater workshop with our drama teacher : Véronique. It was really funny to play and watch the other play. This afternoon, we visited Schönbrunn castle. It was a really nice castle looking like our Versailles castle. Inside, we had a guided tour during which we learnt more about the Kaiser’s family and the Empress Sissi. Outside, we took a lot of group photos with all the Europeans.
We all began to feel a little bit sad this morning. It was the end of our stay : Friday. We worked seriously about the posters of the play and the costumes of the actors and actresses with the help of many teachers. Afternoon was free time with our hosts and we all went shopping in souvenirs shop during this time. Then we had a party at school where the prizes of the game were given. We ate delicious Austrian dishes listening good music from the famous Austrian band group who played “The European Song” written by Paul with Jean Baptiste. Finally, we went to a bar and a club where we spent the whole night having fun with our great friends.

We came back to France Saturday but nothing really interesting happened. Saying goodbye to our host family was really hard for us. When we were in the plane seeing Vienna being left behind, we were all thinking that we would never forget this trip where we met so kind friends, had so much fun and visited such a beautiful city.
Special thanks to :
Mme Charrieau
Mme Deschamps
and all the Comenius staff