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Répétition de l’ONDIF : les réactions des élèves d’anglais

 « Tuesday 29th March, we went to the Philharmony of Paris. That’s a special place for music- you can find the construction plans of the building in the Centre Georges Pompidou, as we saw them on the occasion of another school trip. So, the room was huge and impressive. It allows a better echo. The concert was amazing because that was really beautiful, all the instruments were perfectly played. I also discovered new instruments and I was speechless at the sound of the others, the harp, the violin, the singer, etc. I felt all the feelings the musicians wanted to transmit and I admired the harmony they created. »

 « I found that this school trip was cool. There was a beautiful atmosphere thanks to the musicians’ smiles and the spotlights. I was particularly impressed by the man with the cello near the conductor. »

 « I loved the harp and its colour. »

 « J’ai trouvé que cette sortie à la Philharmonie de Paris a été très enrichissante. Elle m’a permis de découvrir et de voir de nouvelles choses. Je n’avais jamais vu cela avant et j’ai trouvé cela vraiment intéressant. Peut-être juste un peu trop long pour rester concentré tout le long malgré l’entracte. J’ai préféré la deuxième partie, je ne sais pas vraiment pourquoi. Sinon cette expérience était vraiment bien. La musique était incroyable. »

 « The concert was incredible ! Strong, fast and slow at the same time. I saw a harp - it’s really beautiful ! This was an interesting and relaxing experience. I preferred the second part with the soloist. He played the violin and it was relaxing. »

 « I liked the rehearsal - it was quite the experience ! Seeing the violinist repeat with the soloist was my favourite part. »

 « The school trip to the Philharmony was really great ! The orchestra was stunning and played very well. If somebody found the rehearsal too long, I did not. I didn’t get tired of it at all. My favourite musical piece was Symphony n°4 by Mahler as well as the first one. Mozart’s too, except for the last bit. »

 « I really liked the rehearsal ! It was a great experience. I had never seen a symphony orchestra play live before and that was a thing I wanted to see at least once in my lifetime. Despite the fact that the concert lasted three hours, I didn’t get tired of it. A musician stood out for me ; he was the soloist. I could tell he was having fun and enjoying himself as he was playing. »

 « J’ai bien aimé. J’ai été impressionné. J’ai eu l’occasion de discuter avec un membre de l’orchestre. C’était enrichissant. De plus, l’endroit était vraiment sublime, la sonorisation était à couper le souffle. »

 « The trip was fun ! I discovered the atmosphere around an orchestra. The rehearsal was a little bit long but it was interesting. I found out that a concert is not exclusively a sound but is also very visual. »

 « I have to say that this trip really took me by surprise. At the beginning, I really thought that I would not appreciate the music but eventually, as I was listening to the orchestra, I felt really peaceful and it allowed me to relax. This trip gave me the opportunity to do an activity which I wouldn’t do by myself. »

 « I liked the atmosphere with all the instruments. I didn’t really enjoy it when the woman came out and sang because I thought it made the concert less harmonious. I didn’t catch the exact three parts of the concert but the part with the violin was the best in my opinion. »

 « La première musique était un peu longue alors que la deuxième était plus dynamique et plus intéressante. C’était intéressant de voir les musiciens jouer la musique au lieu d’écouter sans les voir. »

 « I think going to the Philharmony is a great experience that you have to do at least once in your lifetime. The harmony between the instruments was really relaxing. For me, the concerto for violins was the greatest because I could see happiness on the soloist’s face. »

 « I was surprised by the beauty of the room. The orchestra was beautiful to listen to. The harp is very beautiful. I particularly liked its colour. »

 « The show was very interesting, especially when the soprano arrived to sing while the orchestra played. The organization was very impressive, the musicians were talented and well-organized. Personally, it was the first time I attended a concert. To finish, I think that I will pay a greater attention when I hear a concert from a symphonic orchestra. »

 « C’était génial, très impressionnant, beaucoup de frissons mais assez long sans pause. Salle majestueuse et beauté des instruments. »

 « I think that it was a very nice day during which I had the possibility to relax with my friends. The music was good and the musicians were very talented. But, I think it’s a bit sad that it was so hard to make a distinction between all the music that were played there. If I had to sum up this day using only three words whether it be the trip or the music, I would choose fun, interesting and relaxing. »

 « I think it was such an enjoyable concert. The architecture of the building was beautiful and the music was interesting. It was different from what I usually listen to. I would love to do another outing in Paris. »

 « J’ai beaucoup aimé la sortie à la Philharmonie. Cela m’a permis d’entendre un genre musical que je n’écoute pas habituellement. C’était très beau de voir cette coordination. J’ai beaucoup aimé parler avec un membre de l’orchestre. »

 « I think it was an enjoyable day. I had never seen an orchestra before so it was a good experience. »

 « It was very funny. The place was beautiful and the architecture was amazing. The rehearsal was very good and the sound too. It was a bit long but a very good experience. The conductor was fascinating. He made me love the music. Now, I want to go to the Philharmony again. »

 « C’était reposant et la soprano avait une belle voix. »

 « I liked the concert and also discovering the Philharmony. I really enjoyed it and had a good time. It was an interesting experience. »

 « It was very interesting, I don’t usually go to this type of events. That was very cool and nice. I found out that I like this kind of music. We have to do it again, we discover a lot of things. But, personally, sitting for more than an hour was a little too long. We would need more breaks. The funniest thing was when we took the subway, teachers trusted us and that was nice. I also really liked the second part with the violin. »

 « First of all, I found the architecture really interesting, for its originality and its beauty. I had never seen such a building. Then, the music was calming but it was louder sometimes and it was impressive. The lead singer was breathtaking. Finally, it was unfortunately a little too long for me. »

 « The concert was good because the room was beautiful and awesome. The orchestra was big and impressive. Because of the headphones or speakers, we lose the power of real instruments. When the drum was hit for the first time, I was impressed by the quality of sound. »

 « Globalement, j’ai bien aimé même si c’était assez long. J’ai trouvé ça super intéressant. La musique était apaisante et agréable à écouter. J’ai trouvé la première partie longue mais cool. J’ai clairement préféré la deuxième partie, elle était plus courte et j’ai adoré quand le violoniste jouait tout seul. »

 « This rehearsal was a good experience that I think I will remember. I really appreciated that it was the last rehearsal before the concert because the music conductor was giving the musicians some last minute advice. It was a very immersive experience. For instance, during one minute, the musicians stopped so that the violin player could explain to us why she was changing her violin.
Despite the pressure they must have been feeling for the concert later that day, we were given the opportunity to interact a bit with them. Now, let’s talk about the lusic a bit more. Even though this kind of music is not my cup of tea, the atmosphere was special and the choice of the music was not bad at all. During the concert, I looked
at all the musicians and it was a fulfilling experience for me because I discovered unusual instruments such as the gong. For the last thirty seconds, I felt sleepy but the soloist and the singer were so amazing that they woke me up. They were amazing ! Furthermore, the stage and the environment were unique and breathtaking. I loved the architectural style of the building. It was
bigger than I imagined. »