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Will the play withstand intense rehearsal ?

Will the play withstand intense rehearsal ?

Our class has now been preparing "La princesse a un petit pois" for a few weeks. The play is relatively simple but has entertaining values, such as a parody.

Unfortunately, we only have 1.5 hours a week to work and most of us don’t really know each other since we all come from different classes.
Today, I actually interrupted each group in order to figure how things were evolving and I eventually got to observe every actor acting with so much enthusiasm. The actors are directed by Véronique Ségalat, an actress who used to perform in Grenoble.

Attending their rehearsal enabled me to become familiar with their work. I felt more involved in preparing the show.
The secondary roles were all very busy too, they were working on a film which will be added to the play.

The pupils in charge of the decors started working with Mr. Martin, in the Art classroom. All I can tell you for the moment is that they have a lot of work !
As for the photographers, they have been taking pictures of each one of us for the play’s cast.
And what about the communication team you may be asking yourselves… well, hurry up and read the Crazy look articles on the website !

I shall be looking forward to letting you know what happens next. Meanwhile, take care…