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La semaine du 30 mars au 5 avril vue par Lucie Maraquin

Last mobility : a busy week with a happy end !

Jean Monnet high school has been involved in a Comenius project for the last two years, a European intention with other students from 4 foreign countries : Austria, Spain, Italy and Germany. On April the 3rd 2014, we achieved our final goal : a play. Both funny and realistic, the scenes showed the different faces of discrimination the countries had been working on : the common thread of these 2 years of work. The play carried off a resounding success but required a week full of work and fun.

The crazy week began with the long-awaiting of the penfriends on the Sunday. After a long trip, we tried to give them a little view of our life and our country by visiting Versailles, for example. In order to welcome them, a French breakfast was organized in the high school on Monday morning. After that, we showed them round the high school, so that we did not lose them !
Monday morning was also devoted to watching the videos that the French had made when we travelled to the 4 other countries. Such an emotional moment… ! Then, during the afternoon, with our special teacher : Véronique, all the actors rehearsed the scenes to answer all the questions about costumes or settings…
To show an important part of your heritage, some students organized a day in Paris. On Tuesday, we did a circuit on Les Bateaux Mouches to visit Paris from La Seine. We were lucky with the weather , we all enjoyed the day. One of Paris’s most famous monuments had to be seen : the Eiffel Tower. The dream of some penfriends became reality and to immortalize this moment, a lot of selphies were taken. We went to the Fragonard Museum before climbing the Montmartre steps although some clever dudes used the elevator. That typical French area gave an artist sight to our penfriends’ eyes.
The more the days advanced, the more the play got closer. That’s why, Wednesday morning was devoted to rehearsing again and again. All the actors went to the high school with their costumes and we fixed all the technical problems for the videos, the sound and many other things to stage the best play.
To relax a little bit, Olympics games were organized in the afternoon. Some sports like basket-ball, climbing and football were proposed.
And the critical day finally arrived : the day when all the actors had to act in front of their audience. Indeed, two representations were organized at the little theatre of La Bonnette. The first one in front of some High School students and then another one in front of the parents. The play carried off a resounding success even if it required a busy day to fix all the details but always in a good mood. The scenes were so funny, realistic and made us think.
"After work : Party and fun so enjoy it !" The success of the play had to be celebrated so a party was organized and, trust me, everybody had fun !
For the last day of this crazy week, our penfriends discovered one of our typical days at school. With a good intention, they came with us. They could see our system. To finish this almost perfect week, the teachers organized a Bowling party where we could mix one last time. That activity was a perfect means to finish this project.
On Saturday morning, the emotions were at the highest ; tears and hankies too… We will never forget that week but it was not our last goodbye because some pupils have already planning on some new trips… Lucie Maraquin