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Interview with Mme Argy the Mayoress of La Queue lez Yvelines

 Our Comenius project is about discrimination. With our partner countries we are studying racial, gender, social religious discrimination as well as discrimination against handicapped people. We wanted to know if our town was taking any specific action concerning these discriminations.

 First we asked if there were any projects for social housing and we learnt that there is a project to rehabilitate a building which will house people in transit or who have short term housing problems in a temporary way.

 In a our next question we wanted to know if there were many different faiths in the town, we were told that the inhabitants were mainly Catholic and that there was not a great deal of diversity and the mayor was not aware of any religious conflict.

 The same was said for racism there are few ethnic minorities and those living in the town are well integrated, as for the equality of women our mayor is a lady so she is definitely in favour of equal opportunities.

 We asked was she was doing for the elderly. In fact, they are not left on their own and alone. A lot of things are organized by the mayor : diners, going out, Christmas presents… There is a nursing home in the town and a club for retired people. The mayor and the department also help them with their fuel costs.

 Finally we asked if the town was going to facilitate the access to shops and services for the handicapped. Indeed many towns have already improved pavements and access. So let’s hope La Queue Lez Yvelines will soon make life easier for the people of reduced mobility.

 So, all in all a nice town to live in.

November 22 2013