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Exchange La Queue les Yvelines \ Rybnik (Poland) du 06 au 10 juin 2010


First, we visited the university of Rybnik with their tree poles : technology,economics and the university of Silesia in Katowice. At the university, all the students must be well dressed as in the work life. It’s a new university, that’s why it is well equipped with modern technologies. They could be proud of their university because they increased the formation level and so, the way of life. Thanks to that general development, the unemployment is decreasing. In a second time, we visited Rybnik which is a beautiful and clean city. There is a lot of vegetation in the centre of the city so we can see both new urbanization and nature. We also noticed that religious monuments take a big part in the city. Mostly, during our visit we were surprised to find the same shops and brands than in France : Auchan, Carrefour, Intermarché, Ikea, Zara… that is the consequence of the globalization.
In the afternoon, we realized a mural painting to represent the idea of a prosperous future or unemployment. We painted the earth one side with a storm, rain, a man who is crying and, in the other side, a big house with a swimming pool, lot of money, a big sun shine. We signed the paint together at the end. After that, we went to ZSEU (a vocational school) to practice different professions : barman, cooker, and management. It was as we were in the real professional life ; we made different coffees, colored cocktails, pizzas and desserts and of course, we ate them all together . This high school was very big and well equipped too.

 Wenesday – Visit to IBS. It’s a company of designer which, thanks to computers, can realize some virtual objects for lots of companies all around the world : in fact, it participates of each step of the production. It offers to Poland opportunities of development. Students can learn the jobs and still in the company. But they have some difficulties to find qualified person and women too.
In the evening, we went to the graduation party. It starts with traditional dance of Poland. After that, we had dinner(at 5 o’clock, yes) and dance with modern music. Polish students were curious to meet us : we danced together, the music
was super. It was wonderful.

 Thursday – We visited the school of our hosts and participated at a English lesson. All the students spoke together, by small groups to present themselves, and to speak about their favourite activities, their personality, their gusts and disgusts, their professional future. It was a real international lesson. In the afternoon, we did shopping and in the evening, we were all together to assist at the football match France versus…. Poland !

Our host family were well coming and hospitable. They took care of us and were very kind.
As a conclusion, we want to thanks our families for their excellent welcoming because we were like at home, they take care of us, they integrate us very quickly and it was super !! We hope to see them soon because we already miss them. We advise to everyone do this experience because every experience is unique.

Thank you for everything.