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Forum Des Images, Assessment of the workshop "When images (de)construct gender"

Forum Des Images, Assessment of the workshop "When images (de)construct gender"

Yana’s testimony  : "The Forum des Images is a very place. To go to the exhibiton, we took different transports, I liked it. The studio is beautiful as there are many colors and the neon light makes it an amazing place. The
material is of very good quality too. There was also one interactive task. I thought it was slightly annoying but I think It’s good to get the students involved. As for what I learned is that there is a lot of sexism in the world of the cinema.To sum it up, itw as a good experience. I will now see films and series differently."

Collyne stated : : "The forum is located in Paris, we took a lot of transport but it was fast. I found the decoration very beautiful, it’s very colorful, I liked it very much. We had to watch film extracts and then discuss them, I found it good that we had to participate in the activity. I learned that a lot of films were more
gendered, and also that there were a lot more films produced by men than by women. And I also learned that the women had small production budgets so most of the time they only produce documentaries. I therefore concluded that it was very good, the place and the people were very welcoming. The activity was very good. I no longer see films in the same way, the details of genres come to mind more quickly."

Léo‘s testimony  : "The Forum des Images » is beautiful. I liked the content of the workshop, it was well organized. I think all of the material is very expensive.The activity was cool, we didn’t have time to get bored. It was very interesting, I learnt a lot of things like for example, there is alot of injustice in the world of cinema. Men and women are not treated equally. My conclusion is I think we didn’t speak
too much about differences between men and women at work. My opinion about the Super heroes’ movies won’t change."

Jules‘s testimony  : "I loved the place because the atmosphere is good. There are many computers
and technology. The activities offered are very interactive. For example, we watched 4 extracts of Marvel’s movies. I learned that women are paid less than men in the world of cinema and that super heroes wear tight clothes. My conclusion is the difference of salary between men and women is not normal. And now when I watch a Super Heroes movie, I’d see theirs tight clothes »