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Analysis of an extract of "Black Widow"

When images (de)construct gender : analysis of an extract of "Black Widow"

Analysis of an extract of « Black Widow »

"One of the extract the students had to study was "Black Widow", created by Cate Shortland in 2021 with Scarlett Johansson. In the extract of Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff argues with a man."

"This man is the "villain" of the movie and he strangely looks like Harvey Weinstein, the main focus of the "#me too" movement. This movement is against sexual abuse, sexual harassement and rape culture ; the movie " Black Widow" showcases a red room where girls are under the control of one man so there is a link between the two subjects."


"Dreykov, the villain, is represented as a powerful business man and Black Widow as a woman who accepted the man’s blow. But Natasha eventually defends herself with words (like the #metoo movement as women communicate and denounce men through posts and words)"

Elisa, Elya, Joseph