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Analysis of an extract of "Jessica Jones"

When images (de)construct gender : analysis of an extract of "Jessica Jones"

Analysis of an extract of "Jessica Jones"


"The first extract the students had to study was Jessica Jones, created by
Melissa Rosenberg and broadcast on 20 November 2015 on Netflix."

"In the extract, there are 2 girls. One of them is talking with herfriend about the superhero outfit she has made but Jessica doesn’t like it. Jessica believes the cosplay
outfit is not appropriate for a superhero because the mask hides the eyes and it is too short for a fight. The serie is about Jessica Jones, a superheroine, haunted by a traumatic event that happened in the past. A new investigation will bring gold demons back to life..."

"The message of this scene is that the tight female outfit does not suit the role of a
superhero. What the audience see is the shape of the superhero’s body. This extract
shows a criticism of gender stereotypes. And Jessica Jones is not the typical
superheroine because she looks like a dark characters who never smiles. To su mit up, this serie decontructs gender stereotypes because the girl does not want
the typical superheroine outfit."

Liyah, Lucas H., Lucas F., Swann,