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Analysis of an extract of "Wonder Woman"

When images (de)construct gender : analysis of an extract of "Wonder Woman"

Wonder Woman is a film that was directed in 2017 by Patty Jenkins with Gal Gadot . This film is a science fiction where a girl is a super hero. Her goal is to save the population from Arès, the God of War.


This film is for all public because there are not many shocking scenes. First of all, in the extract, Diana (Wonder Woman) is filmed to show her power with an
epic « battle » music (to show how powerful she is). We also can see her weapons (noose, shield, knee pad, sword).

However, we compared Wonder Woman with an extract from « Batman vs Superman »(2016). tities stand out very much, it feels las if we only see these parts). This implies her power is toned down.

The evolution of this character is very positive because in 2016, she was portrayed by her body but one year later, she had her own film which is not sexualised as much as the first one.

Constance, Lily-Rose, Maëlle, Thalia