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Analysis of an extract of "Thor"

When images (de)construct gender : analysis of an extract of "Thor"

Analysis of an extract of "Thor"

"One of the extract the students had to study was "Thor", directed by Kenneth Branagh in 2011 with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman


"In this extract ,we can see "Thor" in the Marvel comics trip, without his Tshirt. In this scene, Thor comes out of shower and takes his time to put his clothes on. There are two girls who are impressed by his physique, one of them even has her mouth wide open."

"Here, Thor is represented as a `sexual object’. It seems that Thor doesn’t care about being naked. The goal of this scene is only to show Thor’s muscles. So for once, the man is objectified and the women aren’t the ones to show their bodies."

"Furthermore, in this scene, female protagonist implies that she is single to try to say that a relationship could be possible. In conclusion, not only female are sexualised, there are also men."

Lucas, Mathys, Romain