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Permafrost, the frozen ground that hides hell

Permafrost, the frozen ground that hides hell

What is it ?

 The permafrost is a frozen ground that contains toxic gases, like mercury, methane, as well as ancient viruses.
It represents nearly 20% of the Earth surface !!

 It’s located in the northern hemisphere principally in :
Russia, Canada(50% of the surface), Greenland (90% of the suface) and Alaska (80% of the surface).

 The temperature of the permafrost is always below zero degree and can reach hundreds of meters below ground.

 It consists of three layers :

The first, called “active”, thaws in summer and can reach between two to three meters.
The second is subject to seasonal fluctuations but constantly below the freezing point and extends to a depth of 10 to 15 meters.
The third can reach several hundred meters, or even exceed a thousand meters (like in Yakutia) !!

 Now we are going to stop beating around the bush (do not be scared, come on, keep reading :) ).
 The permafrost is constantly frozen, in fact, it does not experience seasonal variations in temperature.
 Because of melting, the toxic gases and viruses inside the permafrost are released and could lead people to develop dangerous diseases. We get into the heart of the matter muahahah.

How long has it existed ?

 The permafrost has always existed, some of its layers have melted away but don’t worry, it’s a natural occurrence.
 You already know that because of global warming, the temperature has risen, and a lot more of the ice has melted.
 The increasing melting of the permafrost has been happening since 2018 !! Soon 3 years old yoohoo happy birthday !!

How does it affect people’s lives and explain how you think the problem will develop in the future ?

 Did you know that there are many viruses, either forgotten or unknown, in the permafrost that are very dangerous for animals, plants and humans’ life !:000
 Right now it doesn’t affect peoples’ life, but over a long period of time the ejection of these gases and viruses can be very dangerous, it will release one of the most toxic gases and viruses !! (We are all going to die, we must be heroes and save our planet ! *proud smile*)

 The increasing thawing of permafrost has many effects on ecosystems and the landscape.
 In boreal peatlands,it transforms vast areas of coniferous forests into → wet or open waterlogged areas.
 When the permafrost melts under a forest, the trees can no longer stand (the trees fall, say goodbye to the trees :( )

In conclusion :

- This problem is becoming very important, however, nowadays we don’t talk about it as much as we should. Share this to your friends and family ! We have to talk about what is happening !

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