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A climate change dystopia by Tamara 2nd 6 (Mrs POPOTTE)

Hi everyone !

 Within the scope of my studies on the subject of climate change, I imagined the world in one century with all the damages of climate change with a “business as usual” projection (which means that governments and people will have continue living the way we are living now.) I wrote a message of a person in 100 years who will compare his world to ours that is 100 years in the past.

"My dear Quatï,

Hope you are safe, on the other side of the planet.

I know that during those hard times, you aren’t very available, but I really need to talk to someone about my research on the Ancient World. I am sending this to you because, you are fascinated by the Ancient World. I really hope that you will find the time to read this and to respond to me.

I know it is a bit different where you live, but, here, in my country, when we can go out, everything we see is dry landscapes and deserts, there is no vegetation, no animal. The only thing we can hear is the drone of dangerous bugs. Apparently, people from the Ancient World were able to smell the perfume of the outside, like the smell of flowers and grass, for us, we can’t even breathe properly due to our oxygen masks, the air is way to polluted. Also, in the Ancient World, France had a temperate climate, which means that it was around -5°C to 10°C during cold times (yes, they were having cold times !) and during the “summer” it was 35°C . And now, we are so lucky if a couple of days a year we get to 40°C.

I also found out, during my research in the National Archives, that one century earlier there were 8 millions of animal and plant species, this is a really big number, I can’t picture that many species living on the Earth, when we see how it turned out now… likewise I learned that people from the Ancient World were aware of the extinction of some species, they were even responsible of this catastrophe but they didn’t do anything. And now, wild species no longer exist. We are forced to create our food artificially, and animals are surviving only in livestock farming. The first time I saw an animal, I was eighteen, whereas a century ago, kids would have “pets” (animals living in a house with humans as a member of the family).

I think that the craziest thing I discovered in the Archives is that in the Ancient World, a continent called America existed, instead of the Great Ocean of Plastic ! It had a surface area of 42 millions of km2, this is gigantic ! Apparently, eighty years ago, an enormous tsunami created a flood and the land was engulfed. There were also lands made of ice : it was called “The Polar Ice Cap”, there were animals which lived there, they were “polar bear”. I don’t understand why we don’t learn all this part of our history at school. Besides, I discovered how the Ancient World was, and I now understand that the government is hiding information from us.

Furthermore, everything I am saying here is absolutely secret, I waited years to finally have access to the Archives, and all the researches I’ve done are forbidden, but I wanted to discover the truth. And I think you deserve it too. I believe that our world is like a poisoned fruit : everything is going wrong but we are trying to convince ourselves that everything is under control. The Ancient World surely had some flaws (it is because of it’s people that our planet is destroyed) but at least it was true. The Commitee, who is ruling our world is corrupted, it has too much power ! A government can’t rule the entire world, even if this world is much smaller than the Ancient World : they were about 7 thousands million people on Earth, it was the double of our current population. In conclusion, if the past generations had been less focus on making profit and more aware of climate change, and ecology in general, maybe our current world would have been a better place to live.

Nowadays, there isn’t anything safe. The only person I trust will bring you this letter, I can’t leave where I am, I will continue my research. I don’t know if there is any hope left, but I can’t give up. I think this is the last letter you will receive from me,

I will never forget you,
Seyyden, your only love."

 I hope that you enjoy how I imagine what a dystopia about climate change could look like. And finally, I will achieve my goal if you learn or realize at least one thing by reading this post.

 Have a great day ! And if you want to learn more about climate change, you can totally explore the website of the highschool, it is full of super interesting information !

Tamara Soulié, 2nd 6