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The projects related to environment and ecology in our high school by Nicolas ( Mrs Popotte )


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The first project about the environment
I heard about is something we call the
“eco-délégué”, in each class there’s
someone who has to do everything
related to the environment.

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On February 27th of 2020, the high school
retrieved 190 bottles of plastic once it was
recycled it became 380 pens and 3 duvets
for 2 people. So we can say it’s a great idea
they had for the environment because those
bottles could have ended in the ocean or on the

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In December 2020, a man from the program “Génération Energie” named Daniel Zappala came to the high school and worked with three class of 10th grade students on the issues of the saving and the reusing of energy and why it can be an easy and great way to try to stop global warming. He also talked about all the simple things we can do to reduce our consumption. He proposed some tasks : recycle smartphones, reduce fossil energies, use renewable energies, reduce our carbon footprint…

The high school restaurant is also a place
where some things are made for the
environment, for example, we have some
vegetarian meals, like for Christmas.
When we finish eating we have to throw what
we didn’t eat, what can be recycled and what
can’t be in separated bins. That’s also something
which is done to facilitate ecology.

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