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Heaven city : new paradise on Earth ? bY Loulou (2nd 6) Mrs POPOTTE


Heaven city : new paradise on Earth ?

Heaven city is the new utopia. It is a flawless society where everything and everyone are respected and well treated. This new project is making the buzz around here, because, is it possible to create the perfect city ?


Heaven city, just like it name says, is basically heaven.
Everything is new, ecological, healthy and just perfect.
Basic grey buildings have been exchanged by beautiful and ecological smaller buildings, and their walls are completely recovered by flowers and plants. Only electric cars or bikes are allowed, to limit pollution, and anyways, in heaven city, diesel cars production is completely forbidden. Street lights have been removed to place solar panels to enlight at night, cause solar panels are using the sun renewable energy.

In Heaven city, the technology is very advanced, they even created trashes like sandwiches box or cigarette butt that are simply disappearing when they touch the floor, good way to stop pollution, right ?
And heaven would not be heaven without a beautiful beach and of course the sea, but the city, once again, planned everything to stop pollution. They made rules to make sure that everybody takes good care of the environment, but it doesn’t really matter cause in heaven city, everybody is full of respect for Earth, and everybody thinks that throwing trash in the sea is a real crime and should be punished. The idea would not even cross their minds. In that way, every sea animal species is doing well.

Speaking of species, you don’t actually think that deforestation is still on ? Of course not, because people finally understood that trees are beneficial for Earth, and that animals need somewhere to live.

This city is very close to perfection and people too. There are no more murder, no more attack, no more pandemia. Everybody is healthy, there are no more fast food, no more industrial shop, only local. Every house have it own garden, to grow food and anything else. Every human is equal, no more homeless, no more discrimination, it is literally heaven.