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Ecology in the canteen by Heloîse 2nd 8 (Mrs POPOTTE)

Ecology in the school canteen is a very important subject because more 150 000 wastes are thrown there per year !
To reduce waste in the canteen , they have set up weighings of the waste to calculate and make people see the reality.
They also put in place a sorting system with different bins, for example a bin for food wastes and another for empty yogurts pots or paper towels.
There is also the quantities on the plates which sometimes maybe too much in relation to the person’s hunger, so I think that you have to choose the amount of food you want.

The quality of food may not be great in every school canteens ,which can also generate this huge quantity.To improve the quality of the food , it would be nice to use good products, by choosing local products furthermore,
it helps farmers in our regions.
If we take our local products, this also avoids pollution created by the transport of goods, instead of doing for example 500 kilometers, we do for example 30 kilometers.
So there are many advantages of reducing waste in shool canteens because and we also reduce the pollution in the planet.