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Ecological school canteens by Amélie 2nd 8 (Mrs POPOTTE)


Are the school canteens ecological ?

The diet is a subject which concerns our health. But, it’s a a central issue in terms of ecology.

Meat consumption is a particular source of pollution on a very large scale.
The breeding involves the use of huge areas of agrarian land which are used to cultivate cereals intended for breeding
In France, reducing by half our consumption of meat and milk would free up 5 to 8 million hectares of land for other crops.

Today in France, kids and adults consume twice too much proteins.Excessive consumption of animal protein provoques overweight in children and can have negative consequences on our health in adulthood : many studies associate consumption of red or processed meat with an increased risk of disease-related mortality, cardiovascular or cancer. Conversely, a vegan-based diet would reduce these risks.
Besides this public health issue, it is a planetary health issue : deforastation, loss of biodiversity, soil and water pollution… Our diet impacts the environment and climate much more than you think.
Breeding represents 14 % of the global gaz emissions, greenhouse effect, which is comparable to emissions from the transport sector. It’s time to do something !

Vegan school canteen menu, means :
 promoting a balanced diet in accordance with scientific and nutruitional recommendations
 ensuring good health for children
 reducing our ecological impact
 Reducing the amount of meat can also help reducing the cost of meals, and in consequence, replacing industrial products at low prices with quality products, bio and ecoresponsable, so that nutritional values ​​and taste are back on the menu.

central canteens generate a lot of waste related to the packaging of dishes
which will then be transported and reheated in schools.

This also induces additional trips for these meals and does not allow the staff in charge of kitchen to choose for themselves the foodstuffs that will be transformed.

WE claim
 The reduction in the consumption of meat and fish, their replacement by vegetarian alternatives, and the implementation training in the creation of vegetarian menus for staff

 Strengthening local and organic sectors in school catering with the objective of 100% organic, without price increases meals for families
 The end of central canteens and the return to on-site canteens, and the creation of a platform connecting producers organic and local and establishements and town halls

At last, all the canteens haves many garbages for the sorting.
There is, A bin for food, for wastes and bread.