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Ecological Utopia by Enor 2nd 8 (Mrs POPOTTE)

What would be an ecological utopia ?

First of all what is a utopia : a utopia is an imaginary world were everything and everyone is nice there is no problem, the contrary of a utopia is a dystopia.

Well, every energy will be renewable and made by ecological sources (sun, wind ...), cars will be electric, nature will live along cities and even inside them. Skyscrapers will be alike mountains in every balcony there willd be trees and flowers. In fact every piece of cities will be an ecosystem or will not disturb it. Every new building will fit in the ecosystem where it will be build, not destroyed like today. Plastic will not be a thing anymore or only renewable plastic. No more deforestation, no gases rejected in the atmosphere, no pollution, plastic pollution will not even exist, another thing that will not exist is the greenhouse effect. Animals and humans will live together, poachers won’t exist. Food will be made in harmony with nature no over fishing or over killing of animals only the strict minimum. There will be no war, political systems will only be eco-friendly and in favour of peace. Money will not exist because it will influence people to do wrong things just to earn more and more of it, everyone would do useful thins for society.
In this utopia we will not know the disasters of wars and of dead animals because of the pollution.
Nature will rule and we will follow that rule not to try to be stronger than it.
No one will try to rule the world.
Everyone and everything will live and act in harmony with the feelings of others.
Now that my article is done we need to go and do our things in our world, sadly. :(
Thank you for reading my article hope you enjoyed.