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Letter from Nobody by Emilie 2nd 8 (Mrs POPOTTE)

For the people in the past :

Today it’s the beginning of the End.
Our world is totally destroyed and many species and civilizations from the past are now eradicated. The Earth is on its way to death and you did nothing even if you knew what could happen to our planet. When I say “You” I mean all of the past civilizations, I mean all the humans who did nothing to save our planet even if they had the chance to.
We are in war. A civil war. Every single person on this planet is trying his best to survive, many of them have weapons now. We are killing each other just to survive because everyone is turned into a beast, a monster, actually an animal. All our resources are out of stock and we need to steal food from other people to survive. The government abandonned us and we have no-one to take the lead. The entire World is touched by this mess and nobody seems to have an idea on how to stop this terror. We need to hide if we don’t want to be killed or beaten up. We need to find a sure place where we can eat and sleep in peace, but a place like that doesn’t exist in this world. Even the army is forced to live like this but soldiers are 100 times nicer than gangs.
All of this is a total mess. The natural catastrophes are bigger than before, the pollution increased massively and nowadays clear water is really hard to find.
I’m alone now, in a place I’m scared of, a weapon in one hand and something to eat in the other. Everything I need to survive, I have to steal it and when someone comes, I rather hide then kill. I need to find a way to bring this letter to the past civilization so you can’t make the same mistake again. I am probably crazy and out of mind, I’m probably a monster too, but this is what this world made of me.
The path, my ancestors chose, was wrong. You all need to save this planet from pollution and climate change if you don’t want to end like us. If you don’t do anything it will probably be too late.
So stop polluting every single empty space, stop deforestation because if you do that you will decimate species and populations.
We are all in danger because everything here is anarchic. We don’t have any future even if we tried to create one we would fail because it’s too late for all of us. The World comes to an end and we are probably the last people who lived on Earth. So I will probably start to talk nonsense again but if someone from the past or an other planet or Universe reads this then :
Don’t do take the same past and don’t make the same mistakes but do everything in your power to prevent your planet from this total mess called Pollution.

Please be careful…
From Nobody