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A highschool for sustainable development by Kenzo 2nd 8 (Mrs POPOTTE)

A highschool for sustainable development

In Jean Monnet high school in La Queue lez Yvelines, several measures have been put in place for the environment : recycling of waste in the canteen is carried out, plastic caps and batteries are recycled. There are events such as “Draw me ecology” which was exhibited on the school library, we can also note the presence of several bins in the area outside the school, allowing to reduce the waste thrown on the ground and keep cleaner streets. There is a council with delegated pupils for ecology to put in place the various environmental measures in the high school such as recycling or the planting of new plants in the green spaces of the high school.

In June 2011, Jean Monnet highschool applied to be an eco-responsible high school by putting together a file that listed the reflections and actions already undertaken in three areas : biodiversity, waste prevention and management, food and health. This file also presented the main thrusts of the projects to be developed in terms of biodiversity, at the end of August, the high school was selected to be part of a network of highschools committed to a sustainable development approach.

As part of the eco-responsible high school, an insect hotel was installed in the green spaces of the school and in 2014 insects came to live in the hotel.

In 2019-2020, the school has continued to put in place measures for sustainable development by collaborating with the KassoumaÏ 78 association in a sale of clothing. The profits will go to this association in order to give two Senegalese villages access to electricity by installing solar panels. Workshops "Zero Waste" teaching students to recycle objects to make decorations, sponges or even small notebooks were held to show that we can carry out projects without using wastes.