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Monochrome Photographic

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While walking around the world, make up four chromatic scales of nine photographys each (36 in all) that will be most monochrome possible. (Attention, if it’s the colour of a car you are interested don’t photograph his bodywork and not the whole car !)

You rename each photography in this way : name of the colour (green lime), subject (room’s wal of Arts), name and surname (Martin François).

Martin françois, mur de la salle des Arts, vert lime

To call the colour, you’ll go to the list of colours suggested by Wikipédia.

 Wide angles shots and not only macro photography (move around the world rather than just open your cupboard and shot your well organised jumpers) and taken in front of.

 Diversify your subjects.

 To retouch internet images or photograph is forbiden (bring your photos as you took them).

 /4 : Diversify of developped chromatic scale.
 /4 : Diversify of photographed subjects and of matters obtained.
 /4 : Diversify of composition.
 /4 : Corresponding names to photographed colours.

Aims and what’s at stakes:
 To look at the world as if is was only one colour.
 To learn to observe and to know the diversify of the colour scheme.
 To enrich the vocabulary of colour.
 To develop a taste, an affection for such and such or such colour or the colour scheme.
 To develop a pratical experience photographic through a simple job.
 To tackle the questions of a collection.
 To set up images base for arts showroom which will later help in infographic works (to reuse these colours and these materials like colour filters).


Bleu acier, gant, Manon Duval
Bleu canard, éponge, Manon Duval
Bleu ciel, taie d’oreiller, Manon Duval
Bleu cobalt, peignoir, Manon Duval
Bleu de France, nappe, Manon Duval
Bleu électrique, serviette, Manon Duval
Bleu guède, nappe, Manon Duval
Bleu roi, portail, Manon Duval
Bleu saphir, serviette, Manon Duval
Brique, barrière, Manon Duval
Brun clair, poutre, Manon Duval
Brun, tabac, Manon Duval
Caramel, noisettes, Manon Duval
Chataigne, porte de garage, Manon Duval
Chaudron, canapé, Manon Duval
Claro claro, panier, Manon Duval
Marron, nutella, Manon Duval
Rouge anglais, tapis, Manon Duval
Rouge bordeaux, cerises, Manon Duval
Rouge bourgogne, sauce barbecue, Manon Duval
Rouge fraise, poison, Manon Duval
Rouge framboise, phare de voiture, Manon Duval
Rouge Grenat, feuille végétale, Manon Duval
Rouge primaire, coussin, Manon Duval
Rouge tomette, barrière, Manon Duval
Rouge vermillon, parapluie, Manon Duval
Vert d’eau, boite, Manon Duval
Vert émeraude, poubelle, Manon Duval
Vert gazon, herbes, Manon Duval
Vert lichen, rideau de douche, Manon Duval
Vert mélèze, haie, Manon Duval
Vert menthe, couverture de livre, Manon Duval
Vert olive, présentoir, Manon Duval
Vert pin, porte peinte, Manon Duval
Vert turquoise, Manon Duval

With these achievements of students in second, a bank of colored filters over 850 images is now available to all students.

An article translated by Aude Martin (student in tenth grade).