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What would the perfect European citizen be like ? by Baptiste

Everybody asserts that each foreign citizen has a lot of weak points because of the culture of their country. Thus, if the perfect European citizen existed, what would he be like ?
The Spaniards are known to usually do noisy fiestas, whatever the pretext. Foreign people criticize the Spaniards by saying that there are misogynists, that they enjoy showing off. Furthermore, European people (except Spain of course) also say they are rather pretentious, and that their habits boil down to going to bullfights and sleeping while others have already being awake for hours. Besides, Europeans agree to say that the Spaniards are warmer and more welcoming than others. That’s why the perfect citizen would certainly benefit from these last qualities

Concerning the Italians, most people think almost all of them belong to the Mafia, and that they can easily get rid of taxes. Few have already heard that in Italy, those who wear white socks are punishable. Therefore it wouldn’t be totally wrong to affirm Italians are pretty mad regarding fashion. However, a lot of qualities could be kept : First the Italians have a great culture, they are very smiling and are attached to their interesting traditions. Moreover, they are known to be very good at cooking.

The French would be, unlike the Austrians, rather racist but surveys prove it’s not true. In order to criticize, foreign populations affirm that the French are dirty However, people usually perceive France as a country where inhabitants are very honest, elegant, and congratulate them for their good manners.
Regarding the Germans , these ones have an attractive culture. They are also organized, and of course they have the taste of the well done work.
Finally, the Austrians have a lot of positive traditions : for instance , it’s said that they have a healthy life. The education is renowned to be efficient there.

So in conclusion, the only way of hoping to obtain the perfect citizen would be to take qualities within each country life. That’s the reason why I can affirm that if the perfect European citizen existed, he would be a mix of all these countries’ qualities.