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We are all different by Margaux

Italian people are arrogant because they want take all the place, they speak loud, they think that they are the center of the world. The traditional Italian has a mustache, a pizza in his hand because the Italians are very good at cooking, they cook very delicious pastas and pizzas : it’s a traditional dish in Italy. He would also hold a guitar in his other hand because these citizens are exceptional musicians, they play the mandolin. The Italians are lover boys and mafia boys.
The Austrian people are very smiling, they are always happy. In this country, the people are fond of parties during which they can dance. It’s very funny ! These citizens are greedy and they eat a lot.
The Spanish people are welcoming and very happy with the tourists. These citizens practice flamenco, bull fighting and riding horses. They are very good dancers. The traditional dishes are paella and chorizo. The Spanish are macho because they feel superior to women. The sentence : ‘’Fiesta, siesta, forever’’ characterizes the Spanish people because they are mad about parties. They don’t like working and sleeping.
The German people are efficient and disciplined because they are hard working unlike the Spaniards. These citizens haven’t got any sense of humor either ; they are a little bit diligent. The traditional dishes are sauerkraut and potatoes. The main brand of cars that the German buy is Mercedes.
The French people are proud because they think that Paris and other places are more beautiful than in other countries ; they are cowards too because they hide the reality and the truth. The French are very good lovers too. The traditional French citizens wear a beret, they are good looking. The traditional gourmet food are : champagne, wines, eggs… These citizens aren’t hard working because they are often on strike.
The real good European citizen is man or woman who respects the other European citizens. No one is perfect, everybody has a weak point. The real good European has the strong points of all these countries. He should be a good cook and an exceptional musician like the Italians. He should be keen on parties and dancing and always happy like the Austrians. He would be a wonderful dancer (for example flamenco) like the Spaniards. He would be efficient and disciplined like the Germans. He would be a good lover too like the French !