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Being a real good European citizen : What a hard job ! by Lucie

Are you a good European citizen ? What is a good European citizen ? Is there a real good European
citizen ? If there’s one, what rules does he respect ? A real good European citizen is a person who
respects the environment, doesn’t have prejudices, respects the others and believes only in himself.

Respecting the environment ?
A good European citizen respects the
environment. He always puts his waste in the dustbin. He prefers using his bicycle when he hasn’t got far to go, whereas a bad European
citizen uses his car !
If we look through the world, we can see that
the European countries signed the Kyoto’s
protocol while other countries, such as the USA, didn’t sign it.

Not having prejudices ?
A good European citizen hasn’t got prejudices. When he meets a new person, he doesn’t do
classism and doesn’t put her in a group, because he thinks that she is like this or because of her looks or her attitude.
Everybody does groups. But with experience,most of them realised it was a mistake. Nobody is like anybody else, everybody is different !

Respecting the others ?
A good European citizen respects his neighbour. He doesn’t do classism. He’s not racist. He takes people as they are ! Doesn’t make fun of or laugh at others. He has never been mad with anyone. He always pays attention to everybody.
Nobody can get on with everybody but whatever the situation, he makes sure he is never nasty or never laughs at people.
Believe only in himself ?
A good European citizen only believes in
himself. He doesn’t trust gossips. He makes sure that his ideas are right. He always has his own opinion. He doesn’t believe in the spiteful gossips !
Everybody speaks about other people at one point, about what is right and what is wrong but a real good European citizen makes sure that what he is talking about is not unbiased.