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How do you see others ? by Auriane

In each following countries, there are different cultures and different opinions about life and therefore about the perfect European citizen.

Spanish people :

They are represented as big people because they eat a lot of paella, churros, and people think the Spaniards talk very quickly and they have got the joy of living ! They do fiestas and they are crazy about bull fighting and flamenco. For flamenco, women wear red and black or black and red dresses. For the bull fight you need a red cape and the men wear colourful costumes. They are lucky because they have the sun and they can go to the beach.

German people :

A lot of people say the Germans are always angry ! They are addicted to their traditions so they wear traditional clothes. They eat sauerkraut, sausages and they eat a lot. To lose weight they practice football.

Austrian people :
They are greedy and they always smile : they are happy to live ! Sorry, but you are similar to the Germans…

Italian people :

When we talk about Italy we think of Venice or the Pisa Tower ! And it is hot and sunny country. The Italians are considered as seducers with a sun glasses. But there is Mafioso too, and they kill. The normal people practice soccer and they eat pizza with mozzarella and pasta !

French people :

The French... "me I", "me I" : people say they are arrogant and they think they are the best while it is false. We see the French with berets and holding a glass of champagne, a baguette and some cheese in a basket. So we imagine them eating cheese which smells bad. However, in France, there is the most beautiful town : PARIS, la ville de l’Amour.

The perfect citizen European :

The perfect European citizen would be a little Spanish, Italian, German, Austrian and French. He would have to represent all these people and bring joy to life. He wouldn’t be selfish, on the contrary, he would be helpful towards other people if they have problems and he would listen to his friends. He would like discovering new cultures. He would care for the Earth !
If he listens to others, he will be able to understand their life.