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A perfect citizen ? by Manola

In Europe there are a lot of different cultures which result in stereotypes that people have on one another. However, these stereotypes aren’t checked and show the strong and weak points of a country and its population. The European Union aims at unifying all the European citizen. In that case, what would the perfect citizen be like ?
First, this citizen would be hardworking and disciplined like the German, but he wouldn’t be fussy and arrogant about his skills. He would be really reliable and serious at work despite the fact that he would know how to enjoy a party like the Spaniards.
Then, he would also be faithful in life as with his beloved family and he would have a sense of civil duty unlike the Italian who thinks that the community ends at their doorsteps. Moreover he would know how to welcome a foreigner and to represent his culture : he would act in sort that the country would become popular among the tourists and would preserve his culture like the Austrians.
Finally, he might be compared to the world’s greatest lovers like the French and would be really handsome like the Italian. However he wouldn’t pay too much attention to his looks : indeed he would dress in a simple way without seeking compliance because he wouldn’t be shallow. He would favor the elevation of his mind rather than appearances.
In a nutshell, the vision of a perfect European citizen remains a question of judgment that varies according to the person. Moreover we cannot categorized the humans whether European or not because each person is unique and cannot be assimilated to a stereotype.