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How to be the perfect European citizen ? by Fleur

Answering this question is very important because we, European citizens have to make sure that we give a great representation of Europe all over the world.

With the ”boeuf bourguignon”, the “foie gras” and the “baguette”, the delicious French gastronomy is really appreciated. But French gastronomy is also strange : the French eat snails and frog legs and so what… surprise in gastronomy is an essential thing !

In general, Europeans are known to pay attention to fashion but taking care of their appearances is really very important to Italians.
In Spain and in Germany people are really hard working. The Spaniards work 38.4 hours a week whereas the French work 35.6 hours a week (which they think is already a lot).
The German are also disciplined. It’s important for them to do a good job.
Spanish and Autrian people are really hospitable and friendly with everyone. Being welcoming gives a splendid representation of one’s country.

In conclusion, to be a perfect European citizen and give a great representation of Europe, we should have a great Gastronomy, pay attention to fashion, work very hard and be hospitable and friendly. But should these values only apply to Europeans or shouldn’t they be worth all around the world ?