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The perfect European citizen by Cyrielle

French people are supposed to be arrogant and addicted to fashion, one of the French stereotypes is the beret. In the morning in Paris people go and buy a baguette and after they go and visit the Eiffel tower or go and watch a football match, if it’s not raining ; after their visit to the tower Eiffel they go to the café to drink coffee or champagne. There are many chickens and dogs.
The Italian people have got blue eyes, they have got moustaches. They wear t-shirts and sun glasses because in Italy the sun is always there and it’s hot every day, they wear black suits too .The Italian stereotype is the pizza and pasta they eat ice-cream too ; they play football and beach volley. They go with tourists to visit the Pisa tower.
The Austrian people are very greedy especially with potatoes and sausages, they wear traditionally dresses, skirts, jumpers, jackets, trousers and t-shirts. The Austrian love skiing especially in Vienna.
The Spanish people are very welcoming and happy ; they wear red and black flamenco dresses. They eat paella and churros, they ride horses and like bull fighting. They go to the beach because it’s always sunny and hot ; they go to Santiago de Compostel too.
The German people are very welcoming like the Spanish, they love sauerkraut and potatoes. They like football ; they wear dresses, socks, and jeans. The famous places are the Berlin wall and the Reichstag but in Germany it always rains.
The perfect European citizen would be a person who would take the qualities of these different countries, he should also respect the environment and respect other people.