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What are we like ? by Claire

Several stereotypes have been collected on many European countries : France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria.

 Everybody knows the famous French man on his bike with a baguette and a beret. He’s seen as arrogant, too chi-chi, and a great strike lover. Oh, and chauvinistic. Are you really sure to want to come to France ? But you know, it seems that they are good in bed …

 Italy, now. Who wouldn’t like to eat a nice plateful of pasta, with to a handsome man who rolls his r’s perfectly ? It is said that they are crazy about fashion, but also that they’re true chatterboxes…

 In the Latino category, I call up the Spaniards ! Yes, they are a little macho (only a little ?), but apparently there is no risk to be bored with them !

 On the other hand, we have the hardworking, efficient and disciplined German…

 And to finish, don’t forget the pleasant Austrian artist.

Now, let’s imagine the perfect European citizen. What would he be like ?

Mmmh, I would say someone who knows how to get involved, and is hard-working… Also, I would say an artist, certainly proud of his origins.

To conclude, “One question, a matter of logic, if the majority of Latinos have dark hair, and the majority of Austrian and German are blond… Must the perfect European citizen be auburn ?” J. VonPucks.