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A Supereuropean citizen, a great idea or a farce ? by Lukas

The goal of the European Union is the creation of a common culture and links between the nations. So the different people would be able to live together in perfect harmony. For this reason, the forms of discrimination which could exist between the European countries should be analyzed and fought. A European hegemony, which would hide the particularities of every country and make the perfect European citizen should be created. The idea of nation-state is completely obsolete nowadays and to go forward we must build a real union, a union of the people, to make us stronger. To achieve this, what if our perfect European citizen mixed several stereotypes from each European country ?
As a result of the French “Grande Nation” which does not represent anything nowadays, their reputation of great performance in bed and greatest lovers could be kept.
From the Italians, the skill that could be accepted by all and looked up as a good quality is the good-looking of the people. Every European citizen has to be neat today.
The Spaniards seem to have a lot of defects, and it was difficult for the experts to find advantageous qualities but they have decided that their ability to do fiestas was a skill which could be added with the others to build the Perfect European Citizen.
After the expertise of the Austrians, some good information was found. The ability to make good cakes (like Sachertorte) would be a nice ability for the Perfect European Citizen.
Last but not least, the Germans… The Germans are hardworking, efficient and

disciplined. That is the best thing for the Perfect European. So he could be able to build the Union with “Ordnung und disziplin”.
If now this magic potion is mixed, a Supereuropean Citizen would appear. This human creation would be able to make the European Union stronger and stronger.
Don’t forget that in the History of Humanity, other people have already tried to do that. For example, the Soviet Union and the Socialist block kept all the nations, religions and cultures in order under their control, but after its disintegration there were a lot of separatist movements like in Chechnya or the Yugoslav Wars.
Maybe these decisions to assimilate all the cultures of the Europeans countries would at first make the Union a major power, and unfortunately damage the European countries later. So, it should be done carefully because History repeats itself twice, the first as tragedy, the second as farce.