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A perfect citizen ? by Mona

Today, countries of Europe have different styles, different personalities and different concepts. However all the countries of Europe have one same goal : being a perfect citizen !
THE perfect citizen would not just be in France, in Spain, in Germany, Austria or in Italy. He would be everywhere in all the countries of Europe. The perfect citizen must assimilate the different cultures of each different country.
The perfect Citizen must :
 Know the typical places of country such as the Pisa Tower in Italy, the Reichstag in Germany or the Eiffel Tower in France. He knows that because if tourists enjoy visiting our countries, he must know how to inform them.
 For the country’s reputation, he must welcome people, not like French who are sometimes criticized for not accepting people.
 Be gallant like the French and lovers like the Italian but not be macho like the Spaniards.
 Be hardworking like the German students.

In fact, if you want to be the perfect citizen, you must take the qualities of all the countries of Europe. It’s impossible to copy just one country because there are weak points everywhere. So if you want to become a perfect citizen, take the better qualities of all countries.